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Can I withdraw cash from an overseas ATMs?

Yes,you can.
Please click here for details about ATM worldwide.

• How it works:
Funds will be deducted from your Yen savings account and automatically converted to the local foreign currency.
• Fees:
In some cases, there will be charge for the use of some cash dispensers and ATMs.
• Exchange rates:
The overseas withdrawal will be based on the exchange rate applied by Visa Worldwide with a 4% fee added.
• ATMs which can be used:
ATMs worldwide displaying the VISA or PLUS symbol.

Also,please check below:
【Register your Individual Number】
*In accordance with the Individual Number system effective from January 2016, customers who use the international cash service are required to register their Individual Number (also called "My Number") with us.
Please read Important Notice: Regarding the implementation of the Individual Number system.
Individual Number (My Number)

【Withdrawal Limit】
The overseas ATM withdrawal limit is set at 0 yen by default.
You can change your ATM withdwaral limit on Shinsei PowerDirect(internet banking) or contact 0120-456-022(press *32 for English assistance)(Hours:8:00am to 9:00pm/365days).
The maximum daily ATM withdrawal limit for overseas ATMs is 100,000 yen.

If you are still encountering problems after confirming the above,please contact us.
<Shinsei PowerCall> Hours:8:00am to 9:00pm/365days
【From Japan】
0120-456-022(press *32 for English assistance)*Toll-free

【From the US and Canada】
1-866-744-6734(press *7732 for English assistance)*Toll-free

【From overseas other than the US and Canada】
+81-3-5954-7763 (press *7732 for English assistance)*Phone Charges apply

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