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How do I change my address/phone number ?

Please contact Shinsei PowerCall(0120-456-022/press *3→2 available 24/7) to change your address or contact number, one of our operators will assist you right away.

If you do not have a Investment Trust account, we will be able to update your information on the spot. In event you do have an Investment Trust account the changes will be updated by application form. Please also note we will require a photocopy of your identification document(i.e. Residence card) for verification. Please confirm with the operators for further details.

<Shinsei PowerCall>
From Japan:
0120-456-022 (Toll-free/press *3-2/available 24/7)

From the US and Canada:
1-866-744-6734 (Toll-free/press *77-3-2/available 24/7)

From foreign countries other than the USA and Canada:
+81-3-5954-7763 (Phone Charges apply/press *77-3-2/available 24/7)

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