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[Smartphone authentication service] What procedure do I need to do when changing to another smartphone?
If you change to another smartphone, you will be required to unregister from the smartphone authentication service (Credential ID *1) and re-register your credential ID from your new smartphone.

(*1): Credential ID refers to the ID of the "VIP Access" app required to use the smartphone authentication service.

STEP 1) Please click the image below to contact us via our Web consultation form and make a request to unregister your Credential ID.
One of our staff will then call you back. We will confirm your account number and PIN for identification.

If you are in a hurry, please call 0120-456-022.

STEP 2) Please re-register your Credential ID from your new smartphone.
① Please login to Shinsei Power Direct with your account number, PIN and Security code card.

② Click "Registered Information" on the top right and then click "Smartphone Authentication".
※From smartphone: Tap "Customer Support" on the top right and then tap "Smartphone Authentication".

③ Download the "VIP Access for Mobile" app on your smartphone, read "Customer Agreement on Smartphone Authentication" and tick the box.

④ Check the three specified grid coordinates on the screen, enter the relevant characters as shown on your security code card and click "Next".

⑤ Open the "VIP Access for Mobile" app on your smartphone and confirm the Credential ID and security code displayed in the app. Input this information in Shinsei PowerDirect and click "Register (Smartphone Authentication)".

⑥ Approve the push notification shown on your smartphone to display the "Registration Complete" screen on the smartphone authentication terminal.

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