Cannot transfer funds using internet banking

How to clear the cache of my browser?

Please check the system requirements first, and try the solutions below.
>Click here to find the system requirements for Shinsei PowerDirect.

■ For Internet Explorer
1) Click on the gear icon on the upper right hand corner.
2) Click "Safety" > "Delete browsing history".
3) In the "Delete browsing history" window that appears, uncheck all points except the one labeled "Temporary Internet files and website files".
4) Click "Delete". You will see a confirmation at the bottom of the window when the process is complete.

■ For FireFox
1) Click the 3 horizontal bars icon on the upper right hand corner of the browser.
2) Click "Options".
3) Click "Privacy & Security" from the side menu.
4) In the Cookies and Site Data field, click "Clear Data"
5) Check the "Cached Web content" box and click "Clear".

■ For Google Chrome
1) Click the 3 vertical dots icon on the upper right hand corner of the browser.
2) Select "More Tools".
3) Click "Clear browsing data".
4) Select the period of time you wish to delete cached information from the pull down menu.
5) Check the "Cached images and files" box and click "Clear browsing data".

■ For Safari for macOS
You will first need to enable the "Develop" menu item which is hidden by default.
1) Click "Safari" in the top menu bar.
2) Click "Preferences" from the drop down menu.
3) A popup opens. Click on the "Advanced" tab.
4) Check the option "Show Develop menu in menu bar" at the bottom.
   Now you should see a new menu item in the main menu named "Develop".
5) Click "Develop" in the top menu bar and then click "Empty Caches" in the drop down menu.

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