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What should I submit if I am required to submit a passbook copy to an public institution, etc?

If you are requested by a public institution, etc. to submit a passbook, and the required details are only the account number, branch number and account holder's name, please submit a copy of your cash card.
Shinsei Bank does not issue passbooks for its accounts.

You may also print out a 「Monthly Statement」 or view your 「Activity」 via Shinsei PowerDirect (Online banking).

Please also see the below.
Where can I confirm my registered name in katakana?

If you would like to have a paper statement re-issued to you, please request one via the Procedure Request Form

If you need to show your account balance but your most recent statement has not yet been issued, please see Can I get a bank certificate issued in English?

※Shinsei PowerFlex accounts are for individual customers only and may not be used for business purposes.

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