Domestic fund transfer

Where can I confirm my registered name in katakana?
When you make a domestic funds transfer, you will be able to check your registered name in Katakana.
Please log into Shinsei PowerDirect(Internet banking).
From the "Transfers menu", please choose "Transfers" , and after you have entered the beneficiary bank and branch names and beneficiary Account Number, your Katakana name will be shown in the "Remitter" section before you can enter the remittance amount.
If you would like to copy the name, please position the cursor to your name and press control key and C together on your keyboard.

If your name is not displayed in katakana, please contact us at Shinsei Power Call (Call Center): 0120-456-022 (Hours: 8:30 ~ 17:30 Weekdays and Saturdays)

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