GoRemit Shinsei Overseas Remittance Service

【GoRemit】Are there any special requirements when remitting Indian Rupee to India?
Yes. Please note the following:

・You must provide both an IFSC (Indian Financial Systems Code) code and SWIFT code for each beneficiary account.

・Depending on the remittance amount, the number of days required for the funds to reach a beneficiary account may differ or the remittance itself may not be accepted. Please be aware that even if a transaction cannot be completed, deducted fees may not be refunded.

・There are some banks in India to which we are unable to remit funds. Please confirm in advance that your intended beneficiary bank is able to receive overseas remittances

・The intermediary bank fee for INR remittances is calculated as the Remittance amount (INR) x 0.7% (min INR 900, max INR 8,000). A service tax charge of 18% of the fee (e.g.. INR 900 x 18% = INR 162, total INR 1,062) will be deducted. *

*Confirmed on 26th November 2020. Overseas intermediary bank charges may change without prior notice. As such, the above is not a guarantee and is provided for reference only. Beneficiary banks may also deduct their own charges.

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