Paying bills

Can I pay bills from my account?
Yes, you can.
You are able to pay the bills either by making funds transfers online or setting up automatic withdrawals.

Once you receive your bill, you would just need to log in Shinsei PowerDirect(Internet banking) and go to the transfers menu. Then enter in the appropriate account information for the company that issued the bill and then enter the amount shown on your bill. Then, it’s just a matter of logging in each month and making the payment when you receive your bill.

Click here for details for adding payee information.

·Pay by automatic withdrawal
Automatic withdrawal is the convenient way to pay utility bills. You can arrange to have bills automatically paid out of your bank account. In order to set this up, you will need to get an application form from the utility company. You will need to provide your PowerFlex account information on the application form and then return it to the utility company. It usually takes about a month for the application to be processed. Once the automatic withdrawal procedure is completed, you will receive notification from the utility company. After that, future bills will be processed automatically and you don’t have to lift a finger.
Please contact us at Shinsei PowerCall to confirm if you can set up an automatic payment for utilities. For payment of credit cards, mobile phones and other bills, please contact the respective companies for instructions.

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