Where can I get a bank certificate ?
We can issue you a bank certificate in English or Japanese and send it to you by postal mail for a fee of 1100 yen. If you wish to simply confirm your account balance and/or transaction details, you can do so by printing out your monthly statements through Internet banking.

• How to apply:
Please call Shinsei PowerCall (0120-456-022)(Hours:8:30am to 5:30pm/Weekdays and Saturdays) and ask for a bank certificate.
• How long it will take for the bank certificate to be issued:
It may take approximately one week.
• Details on bank certificates:
Balances which are recorded on the bank certificate are those of your savings accounts (all currencies), PowerYokin, Time Deposits (all currencies), structured deposits and debentures

Foreign currency balances will be recorded in their respective currencies.
In case you have a mutual fund balance, it will be appended by an attached paper.

Home Mortgages, card loan(s), and insurance products will not be stated.
For Home Mortgage bank certificates please contact Shinsei PowerCall at 0120-456-515 (Weekdays 9:00am~5:00pm)

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