PowerFlex Overseas Remittance (Incoming Transfer)

Are there any fees for receiving foregin currency remittances?

Effective on Mon, December 16th, 2019, customers receiving incoming "remittance funds from overseas (including JPY)" or "foreign currencies remittances from within Japan" will be charged a "remittance handling fee" before the funds are deposited.

Please check here for Fees and currencies available for fund transfers to Shinsei Bank.

※Customers may not specify how the handling fee will be deducted. The remittance handling fee will be withdrawn in the following order: "Incoming remittance " → "foreign savings account of the incoming currency of the remittance" →"Japanese yen savings account ".

※In event the "remittance handling fee" cannot be deducted, Shinsei Bank will refund the incoming remittance back to the remitter.

※In addition to the remittance handling fees mentioned above, other fees may be charged at the sender bank or from the intermeidary bank.

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