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【GoRemit】 Where do I send the funds when making remittances with GoRemit?

●Customers using the GoRemit smartphone app and remitting from their Shinsei PowerFlex account.

After logging into the GoRemit Smartphone app, tap on “Requests” (located on the bottom center of the page) > “Beneficiary Details” (tap on the beneficiary you wish to remit to) > and select from either “Remittance from Yen Deposit Account” or “Remittance from Foreign Currency Deposit Account”.

Your funds for the remittance will be withdrawn directly from your Shinsei PowerFlex account balance.

For Customers using the Shinsei Bank Overseas Remittance (for Individual Customers),
please check the FAQ of the Shinsei Bank Overseas Remittance application (GoRemit).

●Customers making remittances via the GoRemit Collection account (B-Link transfer)

Please send the YEN funds to the account below by domestic wire transfer ("furikomi").
Bank name: 三井住友銀行 (Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation)
Branch name: 中央支店 (Chuo branch) (Branch code: 763)
Account holder name: (Shinsei Bank, Limited)
Account type: 普通預金 (Savings Account)
Account number: B-Link number assigned to the desired beneficiary *1
Fund sender name: "Remitter's/Payer' name" *2

*1 The B-Link number is provided in the Registration Letter enclosed in the Welcome Pack.
*2 [Individual customers] The "Remitter's/Payer's name" is a 3-digit number (different for each beneficiary you register) followed by your surname, and is provided in the Registration Letter enclosed in the Welcome Pack.
Including the 3-digit number (rather than just your name) helps to ensure smooth processing of transfers.
[Corporate customers] The "Remitter's/Payer's name" is your corporate name as registered with us.

・The "Remitter's/Payer's name" must be the name registered with GoRemit. If the name is different from the registered GoRemit user, remittance transactions will be declined.
・If you make more than one furikomi to the same B-Link number on the same day and wish the remittance to be made as one payment, we request that you notify us in advance. Without prior notification, payments may be processed (and charged) individually as separate remittances.

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