【GoRemit Online Remittance Service *for Business Users】I cannot log in.
Please check the following:

1. Did you type correct password?
Log in password is the Password which Shinsei has sent you.

2. Is your OS / browser compatible with this service?
Some browsers may not be compatible with this service, so please check which browser/version you are using.
Please click here for further details.

3. If an error message appears:
Either the User ID or password is not correct. Please check your User ID (your customer number) and your password (Your password is attached to the letter from us), and reconfirm your inputs.

Sub User IDs are managed by Master User. Please check with Master User and enter the correct ID.

Passwords are case-sensitive. Please make sure you type the correct password with correct case. Check if your CAPS LOCK key is not ON.

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