【GoRemit】My annual remittance volume limit is already over 1.2 million yen. If I raise the remittance volume limit for 1 time or monthly would I still need to submit evidence for "Documentation to validate the source of funds being remitted "and "Documentation to validate the purpose of remittance"?

Even if you are not changing the annual remittance volume limit, if the 1 time, monthly, or annual remittance volume limit is already above 1.2 million yen, additional documentation will be required.

Example) If you should be raising your volume remittance limit from ① to ②, you will need to submit evidential documents.

①1 time:300,000JPY、Monthly:600,000JPY、Annual:7.2 million JPY

②1 time:500,000JPY、Monthly:1 millionJPY、Annual:7.2 million JPY

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