Can I receive funds from overseas?
Yes. You can receive some currencies/funds from overseas.

* For confirmation of situation of international incoming transfer, please contact us via chat or web form from the banner at the bottom of the screen. We will call you back.

* Customers expecting incoming overseas transfers will be required to register their Individual Number (also called ""My Number"") with us. Please read Important Notice: Regarding the implementation of the Individual Number system

Please be informed we may ask for details about and some background information regarding the transfer before depositing the funds into your account. In some case we may require documents to be submitted for evidence. We kindly ask for your cooperation and understanding in this matter. When we do contact the customer, we will contact them by email, telephone or postal mail. Please make sure the information is correct and up to date.


Commission Table

【Required Information】
(account details)
Bank / Branch name
e.g.) Shinsei Bank, LTD., Head Office
* Click here to look for your branch name

Bank address
e.g.) 2-4-3, Nihonbashi-muromachi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan
* Click here to look for your branch address

Account number
* 3 digit branch number- 7 digit account number

Account holder's name
Your registered account name

Account holder's address
Your registered address

Bank Code SWIFT code
*Shinsei Bank does not have other codes such as ABA, Routing number, Fed Wire, Fed ACH Number, IBAN etc. However, you are able to receive fund by using SWIFT code.

Funds will be credited to their respective foreign currency savings accounts.
*Please note that we may ask you a few questions when receiving fund from overseas. Thank you for your kind understanding.

< Important Notice > To customers who are expecting overseas remittances or domestic foreign currency remittances

Effective on Mon, December 16th, 2019,customers receiving incoming "remittance funds from overseas (including JPY)" or "foreign currencies remittances from within Japan" will be charged a "remittance handling fee" before the funds are deposited. The "remittance handling fee" will be deducted either by "Incoming remittance " or "foreign savings account of the incoming currency of the remittance" or "Japanese yen savings account ".
※Customers may not specify how the handling fee will be deducted.

The fees will vary according to the currency and will be deducted from the remittance amount. In event the "remittance handling fee" cannot be deducted, Shinsei Bank will refund the incoming remittance back to the remitter.

★To current Shinsei Silver stage or higher customers★
Shinsei Bank customers who have paid a receiving charge for incoming international remittances will receive 2,000 JPY (per remittance) cash back at a later date. Please check here for details.

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