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What characters can I use to enter 'remitter' and 'beneficiary' information?

Please use only double-byte characters when typing.
(The space should also be double-byte.)

Characters which can be used:
Numeric··· 0123456789
double-byte Katakana··· アカサタナ
*Please note small kana (e.g.ツ→ッ(small kana)) symbol is not used on the bank transfer system.
** Please note Kanji(漢字) characters are not used when searching or entering bank information.
Please enter all kana symbols in it's "upper case" form.
Double-byte Alphabet in capital letters(upper case only)···ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ
Sound Kana Mark··· ゙, ゚
Symbols··· ,(comma).(dot)()/-(minus)

Instructions for entering the Remitter's name:
If you need to include the invoice number on a payment, you can place it before OR after the remitter's name.
Remitter's name cannot be changed.
Please note that the beneficiary may not see all character on the passbook, etc.
Examples:(Instructions for sending money to a limited liability company, etc...)

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