What are the requirements for each stage of the Step Up program?
Please confirm the details of the five stages in our Shinsei Step-Up Program; “Shinsei Diamond”,“Shinsei Platinum”, “Shinsei Gold”, "Shinsei Silver" and “Shinsei Standard”. For details, please click here.

Each stage offers a range of exclusive benefits including preferential foreign exchange rates for our "Shinsei Silver" or higher customers and one free overseas remittance a month for our "Shinsei Diamond" and "Shinsei Platinum" customers.

<New account holders>
After opening the account, the “Shinsei Platinum” stage and services will be automatically applied for the first 6 months (including the initial month). However, please note that the preferential handling charge for home mortgages or "Special Thanks Yen Time Deposit (up to 3 months)" will not be applied for new account holders.

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