I can't make a withdrawal on my ATM card.

Please confirm the followings

(1)Did you use your ATM card at our partner ATM?
Please check our website "Domestic ATM"

(2)Did you use the ATM during operation hours?
Please check our "Maintenance Information"

(3)Was the ATM card inserted correctly?

(4)Did you enter the correct PIN? Did you enter the incorrect PIN several times in succession? Or, has your PIN been invalidated?

(5)Did you exceed the ATM withdrawal limit for a single transaction? (Even if it is the same financial institution, the ATM models (and make) may vary. The number of bills which can be withdrawn in a single transaction may vary (50 bills, 100 bills, 200 bills). Please divide the withdrawals accordingly.)

(6)In case of the withdrawal, did you exceed your daily ATM withdrawal limit? (The daily withdrawal limit at a domestic ATM is initially set at JPY 500,000 / day. The amount can be raised to JPY 2,000,000 / day on Shinsei PowerDirect (internet banking).)

(7)Are you able to check your balance at ATM?
If you are not able to check your balance, there is a possibility that the magnetic stripe on your ATM card has been damaged.
You will be able to make a request to reissue your new ATM card on the Request Procedure Form.

Please bear in mind that following 4 conditions will apply.

・ The request will only be accepted by the account holder.

・You are able to receive email(s) from Shinsei Bank at your registered alert email address used exclusively by you. You may not share this email address with other family members.

・ The information(※1) entered by the customer matches the information on record with Shinsei Bank.

・ The customer is over 20 years old.
(※1) Customer information: Name in full, account number (as embossed on your cash card), registered address, telephone number, registered email address, date of birth.

※Your new ATM card will be sent by registered mail to your registered address in approximately 1week.

※If you have moved from your registered address, please confirm the procedure to update your address first. After you have finished updating your address, please proceed to the Request Procedure Form.

It will take 2 to 3 business days to update your address. After the procedure has been completed, we will inform you via E-mail with the title of 「件名:【重要:新生銀行】住所・電話番号変更のお知らせ」

※In case you do not meet the conditions, Please contact Shinsei Power Call 0120-456-022 (Hours: Weekdays and Saturdays 8:30 - 17:30).

If you are still encountering problems after confirming the above (1) to (7), or if your PIN have been invalidated, please contact Shinsei Power Call (callcenter) 0120-456-022 (Hours: Weekdays and Saturdays 8:30 - 17:30).

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