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I am encountering a suspicious screen at Shinsei PowerDirect (internet banking).

* Please be sure to check: In-store, contact center and other services to prevent the spread of the COVID-19
Those encountering a suspicious screen at Shinsei PowerDirect and other Internet banking services are requested to follow the procedures described below to ensure the security of their account as there is a possibility the PC being used to access the site is infected with a virus, spyware or other malware.

Malware Webpage Encountered, but NO Information Entered
1.Update the security software you use to remove the virus.
 In case you do not use security software, please inquire at the  
 customer service center of your PC manufacturer.

2.Update the OS (e.g. Windows) for the latest version.
Additional Steps to Take if Malware Webpage Encountered and  
 Information Entered

3.Change your PIN code and Shinsei PowerDirect Password.
Please contact 0120-456-858(press *77 for English assistance)(Available 24/7).
Internet banking services will be suspended, please confirm with our representatives for more details including reissue your Security Code Card.

Shinsei Bank employs various security measures to ensure the safety and security of our customers, and we would like to request the cooperation of customers in taking appropriate security measures when using Internet banking to help protect their accounts.

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