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Overseas Remittance

Can I receive funds from overseas?

Yes. You can receive some currencies from overseas. Depending on the beneficiary country and bank, funds will typically arrive within 1 week. However, screening processes and local banking practice on the sending bank may cause delays in some cases.

* In accordance with the Individual Number system effective from January 2016, customers who use the overseas remittance service are required to register their Individual Number (also called "My Number") with us. Please read Important Notice: Regarding the implementation of the Individual Number system

【Available Currencies】

Please note that the sending bank and/or the intermediary banks may deduct fees from the original transfer amount.

【Required Information】
(account details) Bank / Branch name i.e.) Shinsei Bank, LTD., Head Office
* Click here to look for your branch name
Bank address i.e.) 2-4-3, Nihonbashi-muromachi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan
* Click here to look for your branch address
Account number 000-0000000
* 3 digit branch number- 7 digit account number
Account holder's name Your name
Account holder's address Your registered address
Bank Code SWIFT code: LTCBJPJT
(CHIPS UID: 024997)
*Shinsei Bank does not have other codes such as ABA, Routing number, Fed Wire, Fed ACH Number, IBAN etc. However, you are able to receive fund by using SWIFT code.

Account to be credited Funds will be credited to their respective foreign currencies savings accounts.
*Please note that we may ask you a few questions when receiving funds from overseas. Thank you for your kind understanding.

For further inquires please call 0120-456-022(press *48)(Hours:8:00am to 9:00pm/365days).

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